Pros and Cons of Overlay Tiles

What are the pros and cons of overlay tiles?

First, let us understanding overlay tiles.

What is the meaning of overlay tiles?

Overlay tiles means installing new tiles over existing Tile floor/marble floor/granite floor. Unlike hacking & installing new tiles, the process requires lesser work, less time and is more cost effective. Overlaying of tiles does makes the floor/wall slightly thicker but is usually not noticeable.

Pros of overlay tiles

  1. less time consuming – overlay tiles requires lesser work, lesser time as compare to hacking & re-tile.
  2. Cost effective – overlay tiles is relatively cheaper than hack & re-tile.

Cons of overlay tiles

  1. Not all old flooring can overlay tiles – check existing tile floor for hollow or popping. Use a coin to tap the floor to hear if there’s a hollow sound. Hollow & pop tiles cannot be overlay.
  2. Area must be checked by a professional tiler to verify if it’s suitable to overlay – A Hdb approved tiling contractor must inspect and verify the area is suitable for overlaying of tile.
  3. Trimming of door – trimming of door is unavoidable due to the increase in floor height.

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Hdb toilet overlay package
Hdb toilet overlay package
Hdb Toilet Overlay
pros and cons of overlay tiles
pros and cons of overlay tiles